Trip 1994, Sequoia National Park

Return of the Backpacking Home

1994, Our second trip was to THE EXACT SAME PLACE!!!  But due to our lack of (insert adjective regarding intelligence or fitness level) we didn't really go all the way to where we wanted to the first time.  We had wanted to see Ranger and Beville lakes, on the other side of Silliman pass.  I guarantee you, we weren't going over Silliman pass the first year, not with packs on our back anyway!  Well this time we made it, and I even caught a 14" trout, he was tasty.  The climp over Silliman pass is a heck of a work out since you gain about 1,000' in 1.5 miles.  The pass is a saddle that provides a wonderful view of Mt. Silliman to the east, Twin peaks to the west, Twin lakes to the south, and Ranger and Beville lakes to the north.  We took a break here before making the knee jarring decent to the lakes on the north side of the pass.  I took a day hike over to Lost Lake, which looks similar to others in the area but a pleasant hike none-the-less. We spent 2 nights here before heading back over the pass, spending another night at Twin Lakes and made the 7 mile sprint for the car. Wonderful trip and a wonderful area.