Pimugna - Santa Catalina Island

by Ray 27. July 2009 15:13
West end of Santa Catalina
Roughly 80 miles north-north-west of Point Loma lies an island that's been inhabited since around 7000 BC.  Within 20 miles of one of the great population centers in the United States it's been the playground for the rich and beautiful and Boy Scouts alike :P.  I was last there in 1981 for Boy Scout summer camp at Cherry Cove.  Looks like I'll be getting to play there again soon.  This morning I reserved a Catalina 320 for two weeks from today.  Sam, my father-in-law Kurt and I will be sailing up there, spending a couple of days on a mooring ball, then sail our way back to Mission Bay.

I'm pretty excited as this is as close to blue water sailing as I'll be getting for some time.  Okay, it's not blue water sailing, but it'll probably feel like it to me.  We won't be going further than about 20 miles off shore.  We should get two sunsets, one on the way out and one on the way back.

I'm still working on logistics some but the plan right now is to leave around 7PM and get out of Mission Bay.  Hopefully we'll have a couple hours of wind where we can sail for a little while. I think a sunset off the bow under sail would be a damn fine way to start the trip.  I'm expecting between 12 and 15 hours to Two Harbors.  I'm assuming that at some point after sunset the wind will die and we'll end up motoring most of the way there.  Kurt and I will establish a watch rotation and we'll see what Sam does.  Maybe he'll be beer-boy...

Once in Two Harbors I'm thinking we'll pass the time with books, sleep, some shore excursions, and some beer and wine for a couple of days.

After we're done with all that excitement we'll drop the ball around checkout time, which I guess is around 8AM, and we'll take a nice downwind sail all the way home.  I hope.  Actually we'll probably have to motor some of that since the wind rarely comes up before 10AM in these parts.  I'm also kinda hoping we'll get a hankering for little swim at some point during the day and we'll stop the boat for a mid-ocean dip...

I'm pretty excited right now.  I've got a few more details to hash out but I think we're pretty much a go at this point!  I hope to post more details soon.

Seaman Ray

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